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File 137146204775.jpg - (266.24KB , 1482x1173 , 1359517189710.jpg )
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Тестовый тред.
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>> No. 6181
Некрофилия не нужна.
>> No. 6254
Не нужон
>> No. 6256


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Welcome To Hot Adult Board

Best Lolita - Preteen Forum

HB007 Here We Go!


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Anyone knows how I can post to kusaba using Python2 + requests module? I'm trying to implement a FOSS lib for a portuguese imageboard that uses kusaba.

I tried this script, after checking the parameters of Kusaba's POST request, but it doesn't post anything.

>> No. 6248
why would you want to post on kusaba with python...
>> No. 6249
Is this board dead?
>> No. 6251


File 14104648936.jpg - (12.56KB , 246x262 , testmessage.jpg )
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Is Kusaba X still under development?
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>> No. 6200
>> No. 6244
>> No. 6247
No, and I wish this shitty script would die already the only good version is the 7chan version and they obviously won't release it. (obviously)

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how do I get one of these?
>> No. 6246
Download kusabax?

Trust me you don't want it get something like vichan.

File 136866249076.jpg - (447.49KB , 1136x972 , HitlerVsBush2.jpg )
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So, seeing that anonsaba and kusaba have been abandoned, is there any imageboard software that is still updating?
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>> No. 6237
there is vichan, based on tinyboard, basically the most complete imageboard code i'm aware of


there is infinity, based on vichan, which powers up 8chan, but it's much harder to install and maintain, because it's basically the code that runs 8chan:

>> No. 6239
Vichan is probably what you want until 8chans new recoded engine comes out in around 6 months.

You can check the progress here:
>> No. 6243
There is https://github.com/bakape/meguca, a realtime imageboard forked from doushio. In active development at least.

File 136547737280.png - (266.48KB , 400x400 , 3STye.png )
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Hey guys I'd like to take part in the developer preview and test the new version of kusaba x or Edaha or whatever you are calling it. Thanks. Lol.
>> No. 6238
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File 136269557337.jpg - (107.69KB , 490x633 , 1314844096207.jpg )
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>> No. 6138
File 137754913574.jpg - (59.23KB , 611x451 , 137742823030.jpg )
Hi everyone
>> No. 6224
File 142187446853.jpg - (16.02KB , 240x180 , 937.jpg )

File 142092220474.png - (362.73KB , 399x494 , papiez klasyczny.png )
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File 141368562257.jpg - (7.33KB , 259x194 , 4567877654.jpg )
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>> No. 6219

File 141092213174.jpg - (39.54KB , 508x408 , 022310_trap_1.jpg )
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I'm highly upset with this. for some reason just my random board is broken.. I can post a new thread, however only the image will show not the text. And then to top it off, when there is a preexisting thread. i try to reply with both a pic and text and it says that i need either a pic or text in order to post. screwed up script.

File 140638739997.jpg - (41.11KB , 640x512 , 16871.jpg )
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Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database http://apachan.ru/ where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for ...
>> No. 6192

File 136241601880.jpg - (65.56KB , 600x671 , 136219673036.jpg )
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Any help a create a imageboard?
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>> No. 6185
>> No. 6186
>> No. 6187

File 135343925265.png - (1.35KB , 24x24 , beer.png )
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I'm using a mac (boo hoo). How/Where do I download a mac version of the latest version of Kusaba X

pic unrelated
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>> No. 6160

>Not using Windows 7 master race
>> No. 6182
>using outdated OS
Hello grandpa.
>> No. 6193
Osaka is a bitch HURR

File 139521902628.jpg - (54.41KB , 586x449 , wtfits.jpg )
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tfw kusaba does not test for spam in all fields
>> No. 6191
kusaba doesn't do a lot of things.

File 135108092067.jpg - (43.55KB , 574x960 , eyQhA.jpg )
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Harrison, you ain't fucking nobody. Quit hatin.
>> No. 6020
File 135128701220.jpg - (25.47KB , 505x364 , TVSIT.jpg )
>> No. 6159
>> No. 6161

File 136628164911.png - (217.08KB , 940x1032 , 132630312521.png )
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I wonder.

Can I have the old ponychan?
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>> No. 6091
>> No. 6107
ponys! *-*
>> No. 6158
>>>>>>>>>>>>twert bieech, twewt

File 139048123581.gif - (121.68KB , 100x100 , smoooookey_B__stard_by_axanne.gif )
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Two features on 4chan that are wonderful. The ability to change style, which I think Kubasa X has, and " settings " where there is a feature that allows certain things including increasing photo size and activation gifs

Are these features on Kubasa X. The latter especially is an excellent feature



File 138480448538.gif - (86.13KB , 280x267 , 13614422552.gif )
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>> No. 6151
>> No. 6152

File 137546988433.jpg - (163.04KB , 787x655 , doneit.jpg )
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Hi, I'm new to all of this and wish to make an imageboard. The directions aren't helping me. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain in layman's terms how to implement the site. I'm doing webhost00 SQL.
>> No. 6144
Try /sup/ for help... It's really not that complicated to get the imageboard up on your site.

File 137183606778.jpg - (3.31KB , 563x353 , facebook-profile-picture-no-pic-avatar.jpg )
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>> No. 6139
>> No. 6140
>> No. 6143
Those Russians.

File 137374967262.jpg - (172.41KB , 1280x864 , 241628_337537273006474_272029647_o.jpg )
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>> No. 6136
====== BRBR ======
>> No. 6137
teste frame

File 137586044820.jpg - (24.60KB , 405x405 , GravityFeline.jpg )
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i am going to be making some improvements to kusaba over the next few weeks, i will keep posted here what i have done, my email is here, feel free to email me if i have not released anything for a while
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>> No. 6133
just set up a quick board:

post any issues relating to normal kusaba there, one issue per thread,

(i have not edited anything other then making a board, i am in a rush)
>> No. 6134
Is this just for reporting bugs or are you planning to run new code from it? Just curious.
>> No. 6135
Using mobile, no trip

It will be the home of everything to do with this "fork", so will contains news, bug reports, blahblahblah , also feel free to post improvements on the tracker, any input is great :)

File 135700863459.jpg - (32.71KB , 589x313 )
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Why does "jmyeom !mdiDp4HDBc" always post with a tripcode instead of using the built in feature which allows you to have ## Admin ## next to your name?

Y admin? Y U do dis?
>> No. 6049
capcodes are for fags.
>> No. 6052
means i dont have to keep on logging into manage panel and getting a posting password whenever i want to post as admin so my edits are trusted, just seeing my tripcode should be ok
>> No. 6123

File 137235386030.jpg - (74.84KB , 639x426 , 2yttx01.jpg )
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add ur shit

File 136999507077.png - (182.72KB , 1024x865 , 4f0415ae51918baa8888fb48277d29cd.png )
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File 136875534224.png - (26.12KB , 639x478 , 97dbe735fdadbbf34898b63251e73743.png )
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What's your opinion on free hosts?
>> No. 6097
they're free, which is good.

Most have old, outdated versions of php, and might have unpatched exploits as a result, and shared hosts with shared sessions are more vulnerable to hacking, cookie theft and spreading of malware. Though this can be sort of mitigated by using custom session handlers and https if it's available.

tl;dr they're fine as long as you don't care if one day you wake up and find your site taken over by chechens.

File 136272687633.jpg - (67.53KB , 450x600 , 1348071050675.jpg )
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The last update on version 1.0 was a year ago. Has development been abandoned?
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>> No. 6087
Jmyeom, Using public PC.

i do web hosting?...

i can offer webspace?
>> No. 6090
Was bored and decided to look through a few parts of the codebase I didn't look at last time: found another persistent XSS, a very powerful one, just a few minutes ago. It does require certain conditions, however.

Sorry, not really interested. Already have more than enough of my own cheap VPSs. Still willing to accept other offers. Not trying to be a dick here, I just want to have at least a half-decent incentive to divulge these.

Honestly, there are probably plenty more bugs hiding somewhere. I get lots of bad "vibes" when looking through this code. You guys need to revamp your entire coding style. Use a templating system that auto-escapes all markup output, and use an ORM or at least some kind of abstraction that utilizes SQL query paramaterization by default.

It's really hard to believe large, popular web projects like this one are still clinging to coding styles of 2003, when it's 2013. Then again, it is a PHP project, so I guess I can't expect very much.
>> No. 6092
The problem isn't that it's php.. because obviously there are php frameworks much better designed, the problem is that kusaba's old and only really being supported by a couple of people, in their spare time, and it was never really designed with expandability in mind. They just recently addressed the fact that split() was still in there.

A lot of what you're suggesting is supposedly being added to the next version and I believe Jmyeom's redo of version 9. I know they're switching to Twig, don't know if they're auto-escaping by default but if they're not and not using the sandbox, function whitelists, etc they should, and they're planning to use a PDO driver.

But who knows when they'll even be done. It seems to be hobbyist code that took off, and you're probably right about there being a ton of bugs in it, just due to its complexity and age. If you can do better, go get a proper framework and do better.

File 136818681675.jpg - (757.52KB , 1024x768 , Jellyfish.jpg )
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Someone having problems to download latest kusaba?

File 135801789495.png - (379.60KB , 800x1280 , image (7).png )
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Recently I checked out how different sites look on a mobile device and found this. It's not kusaba X but Kusaba X based sites (including this official site) look like this as well.
There is no resizing text on non-kusaba imageboards like 4chan or 2ch.hk (though they've got ugly looking dynamic mobile css, on 4chan it toggles on slightly smaller screen width so on Nexus 7 4chan appeared in normal desktop mode and 2ch.hk looked like shit$ sorry for off-topic), I also checked some exotic engines and all look good but kusaba. It's sure some CSS issue that needs to be fixed. I googled it but haven't found much.
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>> No. 6070
>> No. 6077
File 136494107923.png - (15.45KB , 100x100 , 03b18d9655aeda52c8d0d4b92329f017[1].png )
Op is a faggot.
>> No. 6088
Нульчебляди не могут в css?

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