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I need help with _______. #

If you feel like your question is something that could easily be answered, chances are that it already has been. Check the following:
  1. The Wiki
  2. /sup/ - Support

There's no entries in my menu! #

See above.

I don't know how to make an administrator/moderator post! #

See above.

I'm runnning Wakaba/Kareha, is there any way for me to retain my posts and still use Kusaba X? #

Yes! Check out the W2K/K2K link in the left side window.

I'd like to suggest _______. #

Post any and all suggestions in Suggestions. I'm open to anything.

Does Kusaba X come with advertisements? #

No, it does not. It does however come with an easy way to modify global headers and footers, which can be used to display ads.

What is with the advertisements? #

I like money. Use Adblock Plus, an extension for Firefox, if you don't like them.

When did Kusaba X start? #

Early October of 2008.

I'd like to help out in some way. What can I do? #

I can always use more styles for all parts of the site. If you submit a style and I approve of it, it will be included in every release afterward. It probably won't be a default, but the webmaster can choose whether or not to use it.

If you want to help make the PHP more efficient, or the HTML render faster, check out the SVN. If I accept your help, you will be given access to editing the code there.

If you think that you can help in some other way, post in Comments

Kusaba sucks. Do you know this? #

Post in /c/ and I will.

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