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File 135299963417.jpg - (482.21KB , 800x768 , MOTHERFUCKING SHARK WITH LEGS.jpg )
58437 No. 58437 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I tried setting up Kusaba X at img.mydomain.com, with the following settings:

$cf['KU_ROOTDIR'] = realpath(dirname(__FILE__))."/"; // Full system path of the folder containing kusaba.php, with trailing slash. The default value set here should be OK.. If you need to change it, you should already know what the full path is anyway.
$cf['KU_WEBFOLDER'] = '/';
$cf['KU_WEBPATH'] = 'http://img.mydomain.com';
$cf['KU_DOMAIN'] = 'img.mydomain.com';

and it seemed to work (the install went without a hitch), until I went to manage.php. The page itself worked, but the two pages it had embedded in iframes didn't.

Any suggestions for what's causing this?
>> No. 58457
jmyeom here, using public computer
i have never tried this, but i think you set KU_WEBFOLDER to the folder your subdomain is "hosted" in, i.e if img.domain.com points to user/imgchan/ then folder would be imgchan

sorry if i cant explain this better, when i get home i will test this

File 135293579245.jpg - (399.33KB , 1280x1024 , 2010-07-05_wallpaper-the-dutch-team-v2.jpg )
58425 No. 58425 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So i transfered my site to a new domain. and changed it all in the sql and config so why is it that my pages are white??

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>> No. 58448
Some connections are wrong, I guess
>> No. 58449
So it would be in my config?
>> No. 58451
I remember one time when I installed kusaba, it was also blank HTML and I couldn't get to manage.php. So, check all your connections.

File 135303135915.png - (213.45KB , 500x382 , OP.png )
58443 No. 58443 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is it possible to add "lock thread" to the moderator options that appear on the board when you are logged in?

If so, how? I would like some assistance.

Thank you :)
>> No. 58444
Use your moderator password, put it to "Mod" field and tick that "L" box. When you post, thread becomes locked. idk more, but It could be good option.

File 135289418534.png - (7.46KB , 300x300 , 1343423227836795.png )
58420 No. 58420 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey, I have some problems with posting large files on my board.

I have set my maximum filesize to 20MB, but when posting some big image or flash(over 10MB), it usually just loads very long and then takes me to my board frontpage. I also told my host to adjust php configuration so, that users can post even 12MB files(If needed, I can tell them to raise that limit). But what makes this error happen even when the file doesn't reach that limit?

File 135276962976.gif - (458.08KB , 175x177 , 1345642724518.gif )
58417 No. 58417 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
okay /sup/;
I have a java function that is called by <body onload="LoadPage()">. The script works great when it's called this way, but it stops all mod functions from activating, and it stops the watched threads box from being moved. You can still moderate the board via admin panel, however the admin password box/quick ban links/ post flags and such don't load.

I've tried calling it with other instances of javascript, and on different tags other than <body>, none else fuck up the mod/WT, but none of them work either.
What's going on?

File 13511730697.png - (563B , 80x52 , Harpy.png )
58324 No. 58324 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How to allow more embeds than just Youtube or Google? I would like to add Vocaroo, Dailymotion and Vimeo too, for example.
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>> No. 58326

Just one question... what is the default filetype that Vocaroo recordings use? Because manage panel needs filetype too.
>> No. 58328

You can put any three-letter combination you want in there; Kusaba-X uses it as an identifier for the embed code.

"Voc", "Vcr", "Vca", "Roo", whatever you feel like using.
>> No. 58392
Still haven't got Vocaroo working properly :(

File 135203152593.jpg - (49.66KB , 500x375 , 60.jpg )
58382 No. 58382 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My board gets often this kind of error:

"SQL database connection error: Too many connections"

Just asking some help how to prevent this? Also, which all of Kusaba's functions use SQL? This error is very bad and makes my page inaccessible.
>> No. 58389
kusaba uses 1 connection per visit, with it only being active for less then 1 secand....

normal hosts allow for at-least 10 active connections... meaning you would need 10 people POSTING within 1 secand... if not, then contact your host

also, kusaba does not use the database when viewing a board normally, so i dont understand how you are seeing that error just viewing a board...
>> No. 58391

>seeing that error just viewing a board

I mean, sometimes I get that error when going to my chan, without even doing anything. There are about 10-25 users most of the time, and about (max) 10 posts per hour

File 135013462375.png - (89.09KB , 257x276 , yeees.png )
58240 No. 58240 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I have noticed, that here this "Watched threads" box expands automaticly when I add threads there. Well, on my chan it doesn't. Is this some kind of special magic, and how to apply that on my chan too?

And another thing related to thread watcher: it looks a bit bad, when "postblock" affects to it, too. You know what i mean.
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>> No. 58245
File 13502099079.jpg - (15.27KB , 618x407 , 1343600588893108.jpg )
>> No. 58305

Hey, we didn't make the rules, we just follow 'em.
>> No. 58384

File 135194490935.jpg - (28.14KB , 500x364 )
58377 No. 58377 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can I put any PHP code in the template files and have it work like it would if it were a PHP file?

If I put a randomizer code (in PHP) in a template, will it randomize everytime a visitor visits that page, or when the html files are rebuilt?
>> No. 58379
if (rand(1,100)>50) { //html or js code here } else { //other html or javascript code here }

>> No. 58380
The point of templating engines like dwoo is to separate code from content -- what you should do is send your random variable to the Dwoo object, which will send it to the template, and then parse the value inside the template. Or something along those lines. But the point is to not have code inside the templates like that.

BUT I think the {literal} tag should work : http://wiki.dwoo.org/index.php/Blocks:literal
>> No. 58381
you need to assign it to a variable within php, then call it within dwoo.

"literal" tag will not work, that is basicly like {noparse}

File 134868086742.png - (545.17KB , 503x524 , lesula_kill me.png )
58106 No. 58106 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Oh fuck, help me!

Every time when I ban someone, my page breaks and gives "500 Internal server error" or shows /INDEX. This is so annoying, because this needs to be fixed manually always when this happens. What to do?
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>> No. 58365
OP here, got this fixed. I think that no-read bans break the .htaccess. I got this fixed when i found some kind of ".htbak" file from my root. That is the file which forces the .htaccess to break.
>> No. 58375
How did you fix it? You just created a file named ".htbak"?
>> No. 58376

I deleted .htbak, it contained the code what always replaced my .htaccess and made it break.

File 135185068082.jpg - (32.63KB , 250x250 , 13514324747.jpg )
58366 No. 58366 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I keep getting these "Something went wrong" and "wut" popups on my chan. Tell me, what are they exactly? And how can I change their text?
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>> No. 58372
yup, im guessing you opened the "unclean" one

they are both the same, except the "unclean" one has all the linebreaks removed, so its all on one big line, the reason for this is it runs slightly faster then the "clean" one with linebreaks... thats all
>> No. 58373

Okay, thanks a lot! I will return to this thread if problems continue, but I think that it's just my shitty host causing some of the problems.
>> No. 58374
Oh, just one thing: I edited some other popup texts too, like that "Thread added to watch list". Still, it pops up the old message but not that what I edited it to say.

File 135104283731.jpg - (70.01KB , 456x445 , 8e32c7d6-f16b-43b1-8d1f-bdb0fd80b917.jpg )
58312 No. 58312 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
does anyone know of a good way to back up your site automatically that will include all the images as well as the datebase's? please help.
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>> No. 58316
this too.
>> No. 58320
When moving your site you need the following:
All public_html files (that includes everything, the php files, dwoo templates etc...)
Your MySQL backup, ie your-site.sql

when restoring your site to the same domain name you need to make a new sql db and user (with all priviledges) and update their names in the correct lines of your config, adjust localhost as necessary.

When moving your site to a different domain name you need to do the above as well you'll need to update lines 80, 81, and 82 to appropriately match up with your new domain name, once installed properly, you must 'Rebuild all html files', so that your links now are directing to the new domain. (It's a button under board administration).
>> No. 58363
when restoring ... also you need to restore th mysql db to the new database (that's empty to start with), using import import in phpmyadmin. (make sure you select the new, correct database to fill).

File 135171170120.jpg - (89.25KB , 640x480 , 1348098400247804.jpg )
58348 No. 58348 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Yo! I need to know that is random postnumbers possible like 1 board has random postnumbers in every post?
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>> No. 58360
Lol, and u forgot cos im arguing with u and mokking u. But does it slow kusaba if its like only in 1 board? Like /c/
>> No. 58361
i did not forget you was "mocking me", if i forgot i would tell you the SIMPLER way of doing it.
>> No. 58362
k, thanks anyway and sorry for mokking, just mad cos u said that u dont help me

File 134779343061.png - (49.60KB , 200x224 , henrimän.png )
57992 No. 57992 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Tell me, how to get music playing automatically on my board? I would like that certain boards had background music which starts automaticly when the board is opened, but the musci player wouldn't be visible at all.

I already tried youtube iframe on board header, didn't work. So, how to?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58342
here's one player op


free version, scroll to the bottom

put it in manage ads to play on all boards, or in board options for 1 board.

I don't think you can make it invisible but you can adjust the size.
>> No. 58345
>> No. 58346

Do you even GOOGLE??

File 13516265204.png - (260.48KB , 503x307 , just testing a very long filename asd dadadass asd.png )
58344 No. 58344 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
If filename is very long, kusaba cuts it as it is set in config.php. How to make so, that shortened filenames show the full filename when I take cursor over them?

Second question: how to allow users to save posted images with their original filenames, not only with 1323242342424.jpg or so?

File 134909227541.jpg - (218.05KB , 727x543 , 1336606352772.jpg )
58161 No. 58161 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi! I would like to ask ideas about how could i make a screen appear after a post is done and before the redirect (like the 4chan 'dun dun').
>> No. 58224
>> No. 58340
this comes with kusaba, but its hidden away....

find : do_redirect(
find under it : $headermethod = true;
change to : $headermethod = false;

then, make a post, see what appears, then change the text to whatever you want...
>> No. 58341
Much appreciated bro, thanks!

File 135136457763.png - (4.98KB , 264x192 , wut.png )
58339 No. 58339 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
New problem appeared... when I adjust the reply delay from config, it doesn't work. I tried to set it to '10' but it's not working correctly. I tested it on my board, and there is no delay between posting. I would like to get this working, but re-istalling is not an option. Help me.

File 135111143739.gif - (845.57KB , 310x210 , banned.gif )
58318 No. 58318 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My IP was banned from my site for 1 minute and now even though it has expired I still can't access my site. Every page I go to it says "Unable to find record of your IP being banned." and the webpage title is "YOU ARE NOT BANNED!". The banlist table in the database is also empty.

Can someone help me please?
>> No. 58319
Nevermind I found the solution.

It had written my ban to the .htaccess file and for some reason did not remove it once I was unbanned.
>> No. 58332
a no read ban will place a do not allow this ip in the htaccess

File 135032866492.jpg - (16.38KB , 250x320 , bateman.jpg )
58249 No. 58249 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some fuckers abuse my board by spamming dozens of messages with sage, so that moderators won't notice them easily(Their goal is to fuck with post numbers) and take "gets". They use some kind of automatic macros for that. I would not like to use captcha or reply delay settings, they would affect all users. So, what are your best tips?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58321

I think they are able to evade their bans. My point was some kind of "r9k" thingy, which would stop user from posting same phrase without delay. Hmm, this is kinda complicated.
>> No. 58322
Ban the entire IP range if they use proxies within a similar IP range.

Use the spamfilter to block the most unique words of their spam messages. The spamfilter will automatically ban people, and by using the unique words, you stand a better chance of weeding out the spammers while leaving your regular userbase intact.
>> No. 58323

Tried this too, but my point was that I would like to add a filter which would make a certain phrase automaticly bannable if it is reposted in certain time.

File 13511069346.jpg - (62.18KB , 423x600 , 1335906771745.jpg )
58315 No. 58315 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello sup, at the start - sorry for my bad english.
I have 2 questions:
1. How can i include javascript%%button, for example%% below name\captcha\subject?
2. How can i change data format? I have no idea how to configure stringformating, because when i try change local on my lang, it's just going CHINA%%yes, i have right file in inc\lang%%

So, help me please. Thanks.

File 135106937396.png - (57.52KB , 500x500 , herman tuoli.png )
58314 No. 58314 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You know the front page and "News", "Rules" and "FAQ" tabs. Now I'm wondering, how to add there more tabs and edit them via manage panel?

File 135094579231.jpg - (46.95KB , 250x259 , 1350926345621.jpg )
58297 No. 58297 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Question how do i remove the manage tab on the top for users cant see it i tryed to google it
>> No. 58308
That's not going to make you any more secure. Anyone who knows anything about kusaba is going to know where it is anyway.

File 134739357339.jpg - (12.21KB , 480x320 , 3678910353_29b2c60499_1621483.jpg )
57967 No. 57967 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
sup /sup/ ? I have a few questions
1. My boards don't show on the sidebar on the homepage
2. My boards don't show globally on the top of the site

Some things I would like to know how to do:
1. Make it so that the appeal ban ability is there from day 1 so long as the ban is over a certain period
2. Change the Colours / Text of the "## Admin ##" and "## Mod ##"
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58304

You can't do it in CSS (I tried). It would take either Javascript trickery or template editing.
>> No. 58307
I think I figured it out.
I edited the templates so that if the user has a certain 'posterauthority' then it changes the color. However it seems to have screwed everything up. See:
>> No. 58700
If you still haven't managed to sort out your names & capcodes, I wrote up a quick mod for those, it's at http://pastebin.com/xWJKSLuY

File 135094373483.jpg - (71.12KB , 1366x768 , the-fiery-english-alphabet-picture-m_1366x768_7362.jpg )
58295 No. 58295 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Im logged into my imageboard via manage.php as administrator yet when I browse my board I don't see D & B links next to each post etc. It's like im not logged in at all. this is my 2nd image board now and it works fine on my first one still!

Any help?
Thanks, Marmaduke
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58299
Ok now I got another, quite big problem.
Whenever I try to rebuild the HTML (after editing or just clicking "Rebuild all html files") it gives me a php error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/a6478625/public_html/dwoo/templates_c/home/a6478625/public_html/dwoo/templates/img_thread.tpl.d15.php on line 355

wtf is this, that path does't even exist on my website?
>> No. 58301
How did you fix it? I seem to be having the exact same problem, and I can't for lord's sake find how to make it work.
Using Chromium, browsing the board doesn't even show that I'm logged in, whilst in Firefox I see the option to delete and ban posters in the lower right corner.
>> No. 58306
it would seem you have a different problem to the one I had. My problem was that I mistyped my cookie domain slightly in config.php and thus it wouldn't work at all.

File 135084828610.jpg - (94.53KB , 590x775 , 561869_281058665344312_1320562218_n.jpg )
58280 No. 58280 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sup, /sup/?
I have three questions.
1. How can I download css files from a Kusaba X imageboard? I was able to find one file by typing /css/photon.css, but there's obviously more files needed to make a theme.
2. Is there a way to embed YouTube videos on a Homepage, or a board's headder?
3. How can I get rid of that menu on the left hand side, and place it's contents on the Homepage?
(Pic Unrelated)
>> No. 58283
1. Get an add-on called "Web Developer" on Firefox, and use that to view CSS(I think that each CSS theme has 4 different files, for board, sidebar and so on).
2. Just use the embedding code of the video.
3. Remove frames, and use HTML or other for menu links and board links.

File 135035615116.png - (58.59KB , 300x100 , 18.png )
58250 No. 58250 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I have a few issues.
1) when I try post cross board links ( >>>/sug/ ) they fail. what could be the issue?
2) is there a way on the Oekaki style board to make it so to start a thread you either need to draw something OR upload an image?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58278
>> No. 58279



just testing
>> No. 58281
hmmm, so you can link to specific posts on other boards but not full boards...

File 135050953655.jpg - (10.20KB , 250x187 , dafuq.jpg )
58266 No. 58266 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How do I make it change the url when I've choosen a board from the menu on the left?

When I choose one it goes to the board but doesn't change url.. it's still http://mysitehere.com/ and not http://mysitehere.com/whatever/
>> No. 58267
because it's in a frameset, and you're just changing documents inside one of the frames?
>> No. 58268
I'll sound nooby but I didn't really understand :/

My problem is it doesn't change the url when I choose a board from the menu on the left.. I click it and it goes to the board but url stays the same.

Now my question:
Is there a way I can make it get me to the board + change the url?

Also if you can help me with that too...
I want all my boards at top like 4chan.. so no menu on the left or anything.. I know how to remove the menu but don't know how to list all the boards at top and make it change url when choosing one.

>> No. 58277
remove frames

File 135020340190.png - (86.51KB , 1553x195 , pic1.png )
58243 No. 58243 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How do I make it so when I choose a board on the top or on the left in the menu it changes the url?

Example I click on /a/ in my menu and it changes the url to


It doesn't change it when I use the left or top menu.

Also is there a way I can disable the left menu?
Hoping for answers.
Thanks :)
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58270
Thank you a lot! Never thought anyone would reply.
I'll give this a try :)
>> No. 58273
if you want to center a piece of text or an object use the <center> tags </center>

ie <center> text or object or pic </center>

that's basically 90% of html concept right there, a begin tag and an end tag
<font color="purple" option2="whatever" size="3"> purple text size 3 displayed here </font>

Theres a few html primers on youtube you can watch too.

I hope that helps.
>> No. 58274
heres basically what jbchan's front page looks like:
(a spacer)

a centered pic of jailbait or cute girl/whatever

(a spacer)
A 18+ disclaimer statement

the boards hyperlinks:

[ board1 / board2 / board3 / board4 ]

(another spacer)

Topchan/ ranking chan buttons (centered)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135050314519.png - (70.66KB , 200x188 , dublons.png )
58259 No. 58259 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey. Just one question: what does that "cleanup" actually mean and what it does?
>> No. 58262
deletes old posts, images, delets expired bans, all that kind of stuff
>> No. 58264
then sends everything directly to the Feds.

File 135050250713.png - (17.74KB , 239x540 , Untitled-3.png )
58257 No. 58257 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is there an easy way to add a section for outside links to this?
>> No. 58258
What? I don't really understand what you mean.
>> No. 58260
For example, a header like the ones for the board sections and IRC, but instead saying something like "links" and beneath it various links to other websites.
>> No. 58265
just add the html to the template.

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