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59150 No. 59150

bug found involving cleanups, with it randomly deleting jpegs

i am working on this.

there is another bug where it does not bother to clean up boards with lots of images.

after fixing the issue and forcing it to look at every board, to decided to delete most/all of the images in a board..

i am working on a fix, in the mean time, dont run a cleanup or you will start losing images.
>> No. 59162
oh that's why it can't delete old post of the deleted board?
>> No. 59165
been having this problem since about a year, thank you so much for the fix
>> No. 59179
Is there a fix for this yet?
>> No. 59187
i am working on it, there is really no reason why this is happening, thats why its a bit hard to fix

right now, i have changed it to it checks every board without fail, and every image not just jpegs...

side effects are: it takes 10X as long as it did before, and it is still deleteing images
>> No. 59259
thx for this
>> No. 59312
i am very arigatoful :3
>> No. 59701
I'm no programmer, but out of curiosity: that kind of stuff happens because PHP sucks?
>> No. 59718
yes and no,

i think its a php issues, not a kusaba issue

from what i can make out:
the first issue is that normal kusaba will though errors on some jpeg images, and delete them, this *MAY* be due to the fact they php only md5's the images, and the file has extra "tags"
(the reason it only happens to jpegs, is it is believed that the function is bugged *lots of complains about the function on forums*)

>there is another bug where it does not bother to clean up boards with lots of images.

this is caused by php, the function that kusaba uses has been updated, and will check how big a folder is, if its to big, it will though a empty array(without bothering checking anything), thus kusaba does nothing to them boards

now, when i force it to check every board, instead of doing a quick check (just get filename) it does a full check (file name, extension, file-size, owner, creator, permissions, creation date, ETC), and that will bring the server to its knees, also it will start deleting other images that the md5 does not match up...

also, kusaba works like this:
check the database,
then check the files
only delete files that are in the database, but the file is not the right md5
does not mark it as deleted

instead, it should:
get all files
check database,
delete files that are not in database
delete files that have a md5 mismatch
then double check the list and mark as *file removed* if no file

as you can see, this is a very complicated issue, with failings on kusaba's part, php's part, and mysql's part (not getting all results, or it may be php with its array size restrictions)

i recommend nobody does a cleanup for now, and instead does this:
1) go into managepanel
2) go to "sql query"
3) run this:
(add a prefix before "posts" if you used one)
>> No. 59737
You should port it to Python/Django.
>> No. 59855
Any news about it? Today I noticed more than 1700 files that do not exist in the database. (I don't purge old posts).

I'm thinking about write a stand-alone script and put in crontab to deal with it.
>> No. 59897
thats what i had planned

but i am really busy ATM, my and my fiancee have split up,

if you can do it, then i would love to see the end result :)
>> No. 59946
>> No. 60115
I ran clean up multiple times now with no problems. Don't know if it's just luck or what. Just be careful I guess if you do..
>> No. 60182
care to share?
>> No. 60611
about quickreply, I already have a functional prototype that only need css.

i made it mostly with javascript so you'll need to add only two lines to kusaba's default files.
>> No. 60710
how to make a signature of the ##Admin##
>> No. 60735
>> No. 60746
How about if in the [D & B] options there was a Image delete option that deletes the image and the post/reply?
>> No. 60954
I ran cleanup before reading this and lost some jpegs. Now it says "file deleted." Is there some way to set this to have a jpeg image there instead of saying "file deleted?
>> No. 60955
>> No. 60958
Download section is offline.
Any mirror?
>> No. 60961
>> No. 60982
admin please answer back on some of our support questions. whats the point of having a support section if you never help./
>> No. 140079
I get "Couldn't find the table _ads in the database. Please insert the mySQL dump." when I try and install Kusaba, I am running mysql and the configuration file is correct.
Do I have to add these databases myself or does it create them like tinyboard?
>> No. 140080
I fixed it, but now my entire installation is broken sans the managage.php
>The requested URL /test/board.php was not found on this server

What would be causing this?

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