FAQ and Common Errors

Note: It helps a lot if you have display_errors on. Go here to find out how to do that.

Common Errors

Freezes during installation

See above about turning display_errors on.

"Fatal error: Uncaught exception "Dwoo_Exception"

This is the most helpful error, because it tells you exactly what to do. Keep reading, and it will tell you “The compile directory must be writable, chmod KU_ROOTDIR/dwoo/templates_c/ to make it writable”. Permissions 777 are guaranteed to work.

Modbox isn't showing up/How do I modpost?

If the modbox isn't showing up, there's a 100% chance that your paths are wrong. No, no they aren't right. They're absolutely wrong.

Here are two example configs:

  • Website at http://www.example.com/
    • KU_WEBPATH: 'http://www.example.com'
    • KU_WEBFOLDER: '/'
    • KU_DOMAIN: '.example.com'
  • Website at http://sub.example.com/kusabax/
    • KU_WEBPATH: 'http://sub.example.com/kusabax'
    • KU_WEBFOLDER: '/kusabax/'
    • KU_DOMAIN: 'sub.example.com'

If your paths match those, then you should be completely set.

To modpost, you will click “Show Posting Password” in the manage panel, and copy/paste that into the modbox when you post. Hover over the letters to see what each does.

"Warning: Cannot modify header information"

This error occurs when there is whitespace in the php file mentioned at the end of the error. To fix this, make sure there is no whitespace (newlines or spaces) before <?php or after ?> in the mentioned file.

Boards aren't appearing in the menu!

You need to add sections, and then add the board to that section. Go to “Edit Sections” in the manage menu, and create a section. Then, go to “Board Options”, edit the settings for the board you want, and change the section.

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