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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I run install.php, it hangs at “checking configuration file”
A. You most likely have a syntax error in your config.php and PHP is configured to not display error messages. This means that you would either need to check your site's error logs for PHP errors, or turn on display_errors in php.ini (if you have access).

Q. Whenever I go to run a cleanup I get a 500 internal server error?
A. You have a PHP timeout limit set. To fix this issue go into php.ini and set the Timeout limit to 0.

Q. Everything is installed but I have a blank page.
A. The most likely reason is your permissions aren't set correctly.

Q. I just added a board, why isn't it showing up in my menu?
A. You need to create a section, then add the board to that section.

Q. How do I turn on Animated thumbnails?
A. Edit config.php set KU_ANIMATEDTUMBS to true and KU_THUMBMETHOD to imagemagick. If you get “File transfer failed” then your server does not have imagemagick installed.

Q. When I go to my newly created board, why do I see a directory listing/why do I get a 403 forbidden page?
A. Your Apache install is misconfigured to not allow modifications of the DirectoryIndex via .htaccess. Edit your VirtualHost to have AllowOverride set to “All” instead of “None.” Alternatively, you can rename kusaba.php to index.php, and set KU_FIRSTPAGE to “index.html” in config.php, but be forewarned, with AllowOverride None, you may lose some important features.

Q. I'm getting “permission deinied” when…
A. Kusaba X's install directory needs to be chmodded to 777.

Q. How does one Mod Post?
A. First login to the Manage login. Then click 'Show posting password', go to the board in which you to mod post. Paste the password into the mod box. Check D for ## Admin ##, L for Locking the thread, S for Sticky, RH for Raw HTML (You can use HTML codes now), N for staff name

Q. I cannot see the mod box for mod posting.
A. You most likely have a misconfigured KU_WEBFOLDER or KU_DOMAIN. Remember, KU_WEBFOLDER starts and ends with a forwardslash (ex. /mychan/, /boards/ or simply /).

Q. I can't upload files larger than a certain size even though I allowed it in my board settings.
A. Your PHP installation is set to not accept files beyond a certain size. If you are on shared hosting, this value is set by your host and you generally have no control over this. If you run your own server (or VPS), or have access to a php.ini file, change upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to a higher setting.

Q. When I make a post, why am I redirected to my frontpage?
A. You more than likely have set up Kusaba X to use a domain that's being automatically redirected. For example, you set your KU_WEBPATH to www.mychan.org, and www.mychan.org redirects to mychan.org (without the www). You will need to update your KU_WEBPATH to the actual location of your site.

Q. Why is my site white with black text?
A. Your paths are wrong. Main culprits are KU_WEBPATH and KU_WEBFOLDER.

Q. Something is broken, I changed KU_ROOTDIR..
A. Don't change KU_ROOTDIR.

Q. But I thought…
A. Don't change KU_ROOTDIR.

Q. But..
A. Don't do it.

Q. No listen..

Q. I have everything installed all my boards created how do I get users?
A. You be patient.

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