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KusabaX 0.9 Changelog

This changelog represents changes, adds, and fixes that were made in the process of development from KusabaX 0.8 to KusabaX 0.9

New Features

  • Support for PostgreSQL and SQLite database engines. MySQLi support is also added and now reccomended over MySQL
  • Spamfilter can be edited via manage
  • Appeals can be viewed, approved, or denied via manage
  • Template system expanded. All site HTML is now fully skinnable via the templates system
  • Smarty has been replaced with Dwoo, a PHP5–based template system
  • Templates can now be edited in the manage panel.
  • An entire boards posts, deleted or not, can be seen in the manage panel
  • New MP3 upload system. MP3 artist and track data will be parsed by Kusaba. If the MP3 has embedded album art, it will be displayed as the post's image.
  • MP3 player added.
  • A user can add a reason for reporting a post.
  • Mods can optionally add a staff note to their bans for other staff to see
  • Bans can now stack on top of one another.

Example: A user can be banned from /a/ and then /b/ seperately, and the user will see both bans.

  • Text generated by Javascript can now be translated by Gettext
  • IPs show inline next to posts, with links to delete and search for posts with that IP.

Example: Anonymous 09/01/01(Thu)00:00 No. 1 [ D / S] [D & B] [P] [CP]

  • Permban button now works via Ajax, click P next to a post, a message pops up letting you input a reason, and the user is banned when you press OK, without leaving the page you are on.
  • Ban page now has a checkbox to delete all posts by IP while banning, instead of a seperate action.
  • New Multidelete/Multiban buttons. When logged in, the user deletion box at the bottom of the page will be replaced with moderator controls. Just press the checkbox on the posts you wish to take action on and click the action you want. Multidel will allow the moderator to bypass the post password and delete posts like normal, and multiban will take you to the ban page allowing you to take action on all IPs at once, including delete all posts by IP.
  • The message that appears on a banned user's post can now be customized on the ban page itself.
  • Added an embed help page to help the user figure out what to put in the embed box.
  • New gettext script that parses plaintext translation files instead of binary files.


  • Numerous cross–browser issues with javascript have been fixed. The Javascript should now be completely IE compatible.
  • Newer, sleeker post buttons in more colors than the default.
  • Spam.txt is no longer accessible directly
  • Fixed a bug where image expansion would occasionally not work on certain browsers.
  • Banning proxies no longer breaks .htaccess
  • When a file is removed, a “File Removed” box replaces where the file once was
  • Added <hr /> to the bottom of upload boards and catalog pages
  • Droped VIP support
  • Added a check in config.php to see if the path settings are set and display an error if they are not
  • Made KU_ROOTDIR autodetect the right path
  • Fixed file deletion
  • Dumped update checker
  • Fixed an exploit where apache would execute non–image files as php if they were uploaded in the format of file.php.ext
  • Renamed [.] in the board index to [Manage]
  • Fixed transparency in thumbnailed PNG and GIF images when not using imagemagick.
  • Fixed KU_ANIMATEDTHUMBS to actually work
  • Fixed a bug where Google Chrome would not change stylesheets when KU_DROPSWITCHER was set to true
  • Fixed a bug where board–specific stylesheets would not show.
  • Redid moderator cookies to not create a cookie for each and every board
  • Added post images to the RSS feeds
  • Made manage passwords salted for security
  • Redid how posts are inserted in the database. Instead of a single SQL table for each board, a single posts table is used. This makes operations that span across multiple boards (ex: Delete all post by IP), much faster.
  • Fixed an exploit in the oekaki.
  • Fixed an exploit in the load balancer.
  • Removed javascript used to display embeds
  • Fixed a bug where upload boards would incorrectly calculate the number of pages
  • Fixed a bug where boards with '&' in their name could not be edited.
  • Fixed display of a non–image file's filename if it has non alphabetic characters
  • Made the spam filter case insensitive
  • Allowed quoting posts in quick reply mode instead of being directed to the thread. Same goes for last 50 and first 100 posts mode.
  • When clicking a reflink, if the post being refrenced exists on the page, you'll go to it rather than be sent to the thread. This fixes issues when clicking a relink in last 50 or first 100 posts mode, or when a thread is expanded.
  • Rewrote most of board–post.class.php to work with the new template engine and overall be faster and more efficient
  • Redid multi–post quoting to use more efficient SQL, and fix an exploit where quoting certain postranges could potentially overload a server
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