Staff Guide


Administrators are the highest empowered staff in Kusaba. They can add and remove other administrators, as well as any staff below that. Every function provided by the manage panel is accessible by administrators.

  • Administrators are global moderators. They will receive D & B links for all boards


Moderators are able to delete and ban users from assigned boards. If a board is not in their list of moderation, they will not be able to take any action on that board. When banning a user, they may only place specific bans upon their assigned boards, or a global ban.

  • Moderators can not use anything in the Administration area of the manage panel, and will not even see it when logged in. They also are able to work with reports.


Janitors have a single purpose: deleting posts. They are like moderators in the way they only have power over their assigned boards, however deleting posts is the only thing they are able to do.

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